Sydney Fringe Festival

OK I am very excited, it doesn’t happen very often, but here we go. I have been traveling the high roads and by roads of Sydney to perform comedy and in a lot of those travels I have crossed paths with an Aussie comic, Andrew Barnett, during a trip to Newcastle, a while back, we discussed and decided to see if we could put on a one hour show together. The Sydney Fringe Festival is coming up and we were lucky enough to be able to secure a venue for it. Our show is called “One Man Show“. Here is the log line for our show:

In the 21st Century there are many expectations about what a Man should be. Between them Dave Keeshan and Andrew Barnett meet almost all of these expectations.

Due to a variety a timing issues, all the arrangement for the show occurred while I was traveling through the south of France and Italy.  There was a awkward morning where I had to wake up my wife to take a picture of me against a blank wall so that the poster picture below could be made up, I think she still respects me.

We have two nights of show, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of September 2012 in the Factory Theatre in Marrickville starting at 10 PM.  Tickets can already be purchased online and you can find them here. It is going to be a great night, so make sure you book tickets before it sells out.

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