Dog renting in Sydney

I suppose it was only a matter of time before dog renting came to Sydney. An American company Flexpetz wants to start pet renting

In the US, members pay US$24.95 ($29) to hire a dog on weekdays and US$39.95 on weekends. Membership fees include an annual fee of $US99.95 and monthly fees of $US49.95.

Those foolish enough to sign up for this service probably deserve to be ripped off. However owning a dog in an apartment in Sydney is not a viable option in a lot of cases. There is an alternative for dogless Sydney-siders.

Doggie Rescue is a registered NO-Kill animal rescue charity, but receives no government funding. It is committed to rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned dogs from the death rows of Sydney pounds and finding them loving homes.

They also require people to help out with the dogs that they have in their care. This includes people to take out and walk the dogs they have. Listed on their website are the volunteer options :

“Pop in to Ingleside from 10am – 4pm Tuesday to Sunday, Drummoyne from 10am – 4pm Saturday to Sunday, or PetBarn at Alexandria on Saturdays only from 10am.”

A company like Flexpetz shouldn’t even be given the option to start a viable business when there is a free service available that will not only make you feel better but help out as well. If you live in Sydney and know of any body interested in dog walking pass on the details.