Phew, No shark in Bondi (well alive at least)

There was a bit of a buzz around bondi over the week end when it was reported that there had been a shark attack. There hasn’t been an attack in Bondi in 70 years. It sounded a bit suspicious, even from the outset, with the guy in question, Scott Lawrence Wright, coming up with a story of been attacked on Friday night, passing out in a cave on the rocks over night and been found by a girlfriend the next morning. Today the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the whole thing as a hoax :

…that Wright’s wounds, which required dozens of stitches and a night at a Sydney hospital, were not caused by a vicious shark, or even by a relatively docile wobbegong, as was reported yesterday.Rather, they were the result of Wright’s arm going through a pane of glass – an incident that occurred several days before the supposed shark attack.

Mr Wright has subsequently been arrested and the story has come out with regard to the alleged shark attack.

…by Tuesday night Wright was no longer basking in the glory of his new found fame. He was busy answering questions from police after being arrested outside Redfern RSL.

He was charged with various theft-related offences and faced Central Local Court on Wednesday.

It will come as a bit of relief as there has been a lot of shark sitings along the NSW coast including a 2.8 metre dead grey nurse shark from the shark nets off Bondi just yesterday, roughly the same place as the alleged attack. Grey Nurse shark are supposed to be harmless. However if I saw one in the water I don’t think I’d be hanging around to count fins (Nurse sharks have two).

picture taken from Aquabumps