In a World!

I watched Jerry Seinfelds excellent documentary, Comedian, today.  Released in 2002 it follows him around as he tries to get back into the standup scene following finishing his TV show.  The interesting aspect is that he refused to use any of his old material and created a 50 minute set of brand new material, good watch, check it out.

However the best thing about the movie is the trailer, it is not in the movie, it follows a voice over artist trying to get the trailer done, brilliant. In a world…

Just calm down

There has been a lot going on in the media here in Australia since the infamous black face routine on the revived Hey Hey it’s Saturday (shown on Wednesday mind)


There was a lot of belly aching going opn about it, first with Harry Connick Jr who walked out on the show and then from all around the world.  I think that people need to clam down and realise that it was a joke and maybe view it that way.  The whole world has gotten far too PC and sometimes I think that we are almost afraid to laugh at our selves, just relax and take a chill pill!

However, as am Irish person, I was offend to see that Elana Burenina had one of her models go freckle face in a recent cat walk, please check it out.

freckle face

I cannot articulate the disgust I feel. After all the years of us trying not to look like buffoons, I’ve worked hard to get where I am today, all those years working in the potato mines in Carrigfergus yearning to be respected and we still have to endure this.  I suffered with the starch lung for this!  I ask any one who has dealing with Elena to boycott her shows and clothing and carry the message to the world that this is no longer acceptable! Thanks you.