Time Out Sydney

I performed at LaughYTO last week and it turned out a reviewer from Time Out Sydney was there.  I didn’t get much of a write up, but at least what was there wasn’t bad:

[Cameron James] was a hard act to follow, but Irishman Dave Keeshan made a decent fist of it with solid material delivered in his lilting brogue (especially his beautifully simple mynah bird gag that should be on t-shirts at refugee rights rallies).

I’ll take it!

Sexy Venom

Wow the internet can be a strange place some times. Apparently there has been a storm in a tea cup over on facebook. A photographer by the name of Adam Jay posted some pictures of a cute blond girl, Freddie Nova, getting attacked by the alien symbiote from the Spiderman comics, that gave rise to Venom.  The effect was achieved using liquid latex to give the all over body, skin tightness.

While the photos are sexy, you can’t see any thing. However they were considered racy enough that two of the offending images got banned on facebook. Man what is the world coming too.  As I have no huge love for facebook, and I love good cosplay, so I felt I would repost them here and do checkout his portfolio there are some other cool cosplay photoshoots,  including a zombie Iron Man.

(via comicbook.com blog)