Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru!

Does any one remember collecting names from Star Wars boxes to send away for the Emperor figure because you couldn’t buy him in the shops. Ahh the memories….

Here are figures they never released. My favourite is the matching smouldering corpses of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

Messa Love you – I Don’t, Die Jar Jar Die!

Apparently some damn fool geek took a perfectly good replica of the Han Solo in carbonite and replaced Han’s head with his own. Muppet! However it did get me thinking who I would like to see in carbonite, unsurprisingly Jar Jar comes to the top of that list. The internet is a wonderful thing and instead of having to imagine it with my mind, it turns out it has been done already and there are loads of images of the final fate of Jar Jar. To find more great Jar Jar in carbonite google is your friend.

TK421 why aren’t you at your post?

Photo: AFP

A slightly more surreal photograph found on the web. In some ways it is hopeful, while terrorism has become a way of life, and those cops look ready for action, it shouldn’t get in the way of life, even if you life is dressing up as a storm trooper.