Rare Bill Watterson Art

I first came across Bill Watterson’s creation Calvin & Hobbes in my teens and wasn’t too far from the age of the creative ego centric character that I could identify. In fairness Bill seemed to know how to tap into the simple logic of a child that it would be hard not to identify with him. Like Seinfeld and the Police before him, Bill Watterson walked away at the top of the game in 1995.(The Police have recently gotten back together)

It is a shame that there has been no further work from Bill Watterson available since then. I was surprised to find a website last week that detailed some of his work from before his Calvin and Hobbes days. Included are a number of single panel cartoons he did for the college paper. A number of them are a bit dark and don’t come from the same place as Calvin. There was however one standout that reminded me what it was like again when I was younger. Sunny days were few and far between when I was in college, so much so that when one did come along I was damned if I wasn’t going to take advantage of it!