Why the financial market is so screwed up!

Want to know why the financial market is so screwed up? Here is what the banks in Australia put out as ads to shore up consumer confidence, because, you know that is kinda important right now:

(This is only one of a whole slew of ads where bank managers are get banking advice from midget horse, teddy bears and they ride around on space hoppers)

ING Direct

(This used to be Billy Connellys gig until he, a comedian, was considered too serious)

(from a security perspective this was a complete waste of money, he bypassed all the expensive stuff by knocking on the glass)

Commonwealth Bank

(Yeah, now these dudes have just wrecked international relations with New Zealand)

All I want is a ad with an accountant looking fellow in a boring grey suit standing in front of a white background pointing to a sign saying 8%, the bank that does that will get all my money.

Before the Punchline

This is an interesting video discussing the hows and whys of getting into stand-up. It is a bit London centric but largely correct. In short get out there and perform and do it often.