Dave Keeshan is an Irish born comedian that has been lived in Sydney for 12 years. Dave started his professional life as an Electrical Engineer during what is now known as the dot com bubble. He traveled the world working on cutting edge technology, taking him from Ireland to the US and Australia.

Dave IRB driverDave’s first foray into comedy was telling jokes as the half time entertainment for the North Bondi RSL trivia. After a few years of this, for which he is still known to many as simply Jokeboy, Dave decided to see if he had more than just a funny accent and tried his hand at stand up. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that the random thoughts inside his head were actually amusing to large groups of people.


Dave’s humour relies largely on the outsider view of society having lived in a foreign land of some kind for many years. He finds that he is afforded a latitude to discuss certain topics that a local comedian might not. He is also informed largely by the process of assimilation into Australian culture which was capped when he became an Australian after writing Don Bradman as the answer to every question on the Australian test.

Dave returned to Ireland and is performing regularly there, he is also terrified of time travel.

Dave is available for support, MCing and event organisation in and around the Dublin/Ireland area.

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