Miss Teen USA – Perspective

The above clip of Lauren Caitlin Upton completely fluffing up a question at Miss Teen USA is currently doing the rounds of how stupid Americans can be. However on sober review it is obvious she didn’t listen to the question and was tying to trot out some rote answer she memorised, it reminds me of the wizards in school that would memorise some great piece of prepackaged prose and would attempt to turn any English essay topic to use that prose .

Standing in front of an audience can be a humbling experience and shouldn’t be knocked unless tried. Any one can tell a friend a joke however with that in mind I once a week will take the challenge at our local trivia night to jump on stage and compete against other people in a joke-off. What seems easy amongst friends is much much harder with a room full of people staring at you.

Apparently Lauren is taking it in her stride, she even came third at the event. People probably need to calm down and stop looking to Miss Teen USA for answers, but why oh why did she mention South Africa?. If google have got there act together they should sign up this chick to help promote google maps.

Check out the 2000 film Miss Congeniality for more beauty pageant absurdity.

Stan Fields: What is the one most important thing our society needs?
Gracie Hart: That would be… harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.
[crowd is silent]
Gracie Hart: And world peace!
[crowd cheers ecstatically]