I’m sick of facebook being so successful so I planning to set up my own competing website called facebeard. If you have a beard you can friend other people with beards.  There may not be a huge uptake in the female community and those that do may be a bit rough, but at least the concept is there.  Where do I get VC money from?

This site does not accept flooz

There is an article over on network world covering how it has been 10 years since the top of the dot-com bubble when the NASDAQ reached 5,133. This was an interesting time for me as I was working in the states with a big tech company, boring chip design. However you would get calls from friends or friends of friends suggesting you might want to invest in this new startup that is going IPO, wink wink. It was all crazy, pets.com, garden.com, flooz, well at least Whoopi Goldberg career survived that one. Here are a few reasons why they thought the bubble could go on forever :

  • It’s okay to sell products for less than what they cost you, because that will bring you lots of customers.
  • Internet-based companies are immune to economic cycles.
  • Internet companies can’t spend too much on advertising.
  • Internet companies that carry no inventory are infinitely profitable.

Surely we can’t be that stupid to do it all over again….

Bumblechii & Predator Girl, one and the same

It turns out that the dad of Voltron girl, Belldandy, has done other suits for his daughter as well. I was surprised (or maybe I shouldn’t have given the quality of the Voltron suit) that there was also a bumblebee suit, which they call bumblechii and even a mini predator. I not too sure what to make of that one, not the type of entertainment for a small girl – “Get to da Choppa!” Check out the gallery over at The GRIM AdventuREZ of Belldandy.