Bondi Color Background

I was recently discussing with some one the colors seen around Bondi been very distinct. So I decided to see if I could create a color only background that evoked those colors. I used actually photos of Bondi to pull out the colors and the gradient blend tool in GIMP. Feel free to download the image the above should link to a high res version.

 Bondi Background
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Phew, No shark in Bondi (well alive at least)

There was a bit of a buzz around bondi over the week end when it was reported that there had been a shark attack. There hasn’t been an attack in Bondi in 70 years. It sounded a bit suspicious, even from the outset, with the guy in question, Scott Lawrence Wright, coming up with a story of been attacked on Friday night, passing out in a cave on the rocks over night and been found by a girlfriend the next morning. Today the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the whole thing as a hoax :

…that Wright’s wounds, which required dozens of stitches and a night at a Sydney hospital, were not caused by a vicious shark, or even by a relatively docile wobbegong, as was reported yesterday.Rather, they were the result of Wright’s arm going through a pane of glass – an incident that occurred several days before the supposed shark attack.

Mr Wright has subsequently been arrested and the story has come out with regard to the alleged shark attack.

…by Tuesday night Wright was no longer basking in the glory of his new found fame. He was busy answering questions from police after being arrested outside Redfern RSL.

He was charged with various theft-related offences and faced Central Local Court on Wednesday.

It will come as a bit of relief as there has been a lot of shark sitings along the NSW coast including a 2.8 metre dead grey nurse shark from the shark nets off Bondi just yesterday, roughly the same place as the alleged attack. Grey Nurse shark are supposed to be harmless. However if I saw one in the water I don’t think I’d be hanging around to count fins (Nurse sharks have two).

picture taken from Aquabumps

I love living in Bondi – now with even more bikinis!

Sydney Bondi
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I live pretty close to Bondi Beach. Any morning that I cycle into work I usually take a leisurely cycle down the promenade. A week doesn’t go by when there is some thing mad going on. Yesterday morning I was treated to the Guinness record attempt at the largest bikini shoot.

It is still a bit early in the year for the beach but it was quite a sight seeing hundreds of girls running around in their bikinis. Credit goes to who ever arranged this, I know how long it takes to get one girl ready, can you imagine how hard it is to co-ordinate and get 1100 of them ready? There was an extra level of High Maintenance in the air on Bondi Beach and fake tan. However it certainly beats getting up on an September morning in Dublin and putting on your wets to cycle to work.

Check out the aquabumps web site for a few more up close and personal pictures.

The Australian Dream? Not for Chinese tourists!

Bondi Beach on a nice day
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Living in Sydney is a very interesting experience. I arrived in Oz a little over 5 years ago and took up residence down on Bondi Beach. Living near a beach is very interesting, but to live near a world famous beach means that strange and wonderful things come to you.

Once or twice a week I cycle into work and I usually cycle along the promenade down by the beach front of Bondi to check out the surf. For locals (you become one after about a year given this exceeds the amount of time a back packer will be there) we are always amused by the Asian tourist that arrive every morning still wearing their black suits, a very un-beach looking attire, and will watch them filter onto the beach like a black tide. One morning I was even asked to have my picture taken with an Asian couple who were fasinated to see me dressed up in my cycling gear, previously either wearing a surf life saver uniform or wet suit would be the pre-requisite to earn the honour of having you picture taken.

However I always felt there was something darker to the whole experience and so I was shocked, but not very surprised, to find out that Asian tourist companies are fleecing these visitors. The list starts with charging $100 to walk to walk Bondi beach. God knows what they think when they see me on my bike with my helmet on as I buzz past them, maybe that I dropped a load of cash on a season pass.

Though for an observant person some thing foul should have been flagged a long time ago. If you spend any time around Sydney you find these tourist/souvenir shops dotted around the city that are never normally open, except when a tour bus arrives. They are usually fairly non-discript office buildings, but you can see the slew of stuffed Koalas and Kangaroos inside. When the bus pulled up there are usually people standing outside with the implied threat not too enter. It never really entered my mind why. I suppose naively I had assumed that the tourist were getting a better deal than the locals, but the reality appears to be much more sour with the tour operators :

Locking tourists in shops and confiscating passports until they spend big on overpriced goods”

Having been a tourist in another country a few times and well aware of the two prices for items taking advantage of visitors might seem fair game. However it is one thing to have them innocently make the mistake and have every opportunity to walk away, it is another thing to have it mandated by greedy tour operators.

Not having the language obviously puts them at a disadvantage with virtually all communications these tourists get are from the operators. One way to break the chain might be at the customs check point. If the government could supply a pamphlet with what is and isn’t acceptable in there own language possibly with a phone number to contact to report violations. I have seen this work before, either for quarantine or during the SARs scare a few years ago, I suppose it comes down to how much of a dent to Australian reputation they are willing to tolerate.