There are two constructs of terror in Ireland.  “The boy” and “the man”.  The boy is usually some kid that was stupid that almost got him self killed or severely injured by doing some thing stupid.  I have the ignominy of being one of those boys as I almost had my thumb cut off climbing through the window of a school in Kerry many years ago.  The people of the area don’t remember me, of course, but they still talk about the boy, I only assume that think I must have died of my stupidity years later.

However “The man” is usually used to also keep kids in line.  Put that down of “the man” will find you.  I remember I used to be terrified of running into this man.  It is only as I started to reach adulthood I found out while these creatures do exist they are more to be pitied than be afraid of. They are usually people at the margins of society that end up getting a modicum of power, at which point they try and use it in any way they can.  This is usually while organising the car parking for community events.  There is a brilliant example of this in the D’Unbelieves D’Video from nearly 20 years ago. In case you ever missed it:


I was reminded that “The Man” is still alive in well recently when Tommy Tiernan was on the Ray D’Arcy Show.  In general Ray was Discussing Tommy’s experiences of his around Ireland tour, and was queried if he had any recollections of a place in Limerick called Bulgaden, he did here is what he had to say: