No Surprises – A day in the Apple

are you a phoner or a podder?
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Apple have introduced their new line of ‘pods. The high points are a red iPod shuffle (cool), a fatter but shorter iPod nano (smaller?), a stripped down iPhone that is now being called iPod touch with the iPod classic pulling up the rear.

What is interesting, but expected, is the deployment of iPods with WiFi capabilities, with some of the patents that were floating around this is no suprise, but now that it is is moving into the wild it will be very interesting to see what happens next.

As an addendum to the Apple announcement/release I have been running a WiFi enabled phone for 2 months, and war driving like crazy. I live is a fair sized city, Sydney, Australia, WiFi spots, free and paid are few and far between. San Fran may be a different beast in the geeky nerd world but the may be a hole in deployment possibilities on the WiFi front.

Blinged iPod Shuffle, Huh?

Engadget has a link to a website that is reporting the release of a diamond encrusted, gold trimmed iPod Shuffle. Apparently it will retail for 48,000 Norwegian Kroner (around US$40,000) as reported on this site. Engadget make an excellent point who would want to bling up $99 of plastic. If you should find yourself plopping down US$40,000 on something like this maybe you have more money than sense and I would appreciate it if you could remove yourself from the breeding pool of this planet as you have nothing of worth to add to it any more.

BTW it wouldn’t surprise me though if this turns out to be a hoax.