Tommy Tiernan talks to Dennis Miller

I was pleasantly surprised to find a interview with Tommy Tiernan on the Dennis Miller radio show this morning. It’s awesome to see Tommy bring some of the more modern Irish humour to the world. I got his DVD, Jokerman, Christmas 2006, it was very interesting seeing him try and break America. It mirrored a little bit, I have to day, of my experience in America. Sometime people can’t under stand a word you say, but think you’re hilarious because you sound funny. The MP3 can be found at this:

Dennis Miller, I find, is excellent when he interviews comedians. Both here and on his former HBO TV show, Dennis Miller Live, he wasn’t afraid to let the other comedian take over and let them be the funny ones. Most interviewing comedians have a tendency to take over and try and be the funnier one, Miller sets them up and lets them run. Check out the podcast when he has Dana Carvey on, nothing short of brilliant!