Ireland’s best hope for winning?

While I’m not originally from Cork I have lived there long enough to know who took the horse to France!

OK, that is a joke, one which I told in front of an Irish person and an Australian person recently. The Irish person got it straight away the the Aussie was lost. Rightly as it turned out as it requires the person to have grown up in Ireland watching those God damn Kerrygold ads for years (for the Aussies : “Don’t eat the Dinosaur Daddy!”, same thing or Americans “He likes it! Hey Mikey!“).

As I have traveled I have found that some aspects of humour don’t travel well. Many a time I was tripped up in the states when my patented sarcasm was not only not funny, but almost started a rows. Australia has been more forgiving thankfully probably because it’s culture is largely influenced by the Irish who helped build it, but some times they can still get lost usually a glazed look staring back at me.

Which brings me back to Dustin the Turkey who, as expected, won the popular vote for the Eurovision song contest and is off to Serbia. Dustin is an institution in Ireland and is much loved , a whole generation of kids have grown up with Dustin much like the American who grew up with Barney. He has been releasing albums in Ireland for years, some times even duetting with Bob Geldof, Chris de Burg, Ronnie Drew and the Saw Doctors. His humour is cut very down the Irish centre line, “Where do you go to, you’re Ugly”, is one of my favourites. However like my experiences what works in Ireland may not work abroad.

Admittedly the Eurovision isn’t what it used to be, gone are the quality days of Dana and Johnny Logan, we now have the likes of Lordi and Dana International (not that there is any thing wrong with that type of thing). One could be forgiven that any gimmick will do. However I don’t think that Dustin will travel well this time, sorry Dustin, you are just not Zig and Zag. The strong Dublin accent and the hatred of all things culchie is lost on people who can’t tell the different between the Irish and the English.

I wonder what the writers of Father Ted are thinking of all this. In the popular episode, A song for Europe, the Irish goal was to make sure Ireland would lose the Eurovision as they were broke from winning it too many time. It was funny because it almost seemed true. This time it is real so is it true?

Tommy Tiernan talks to Dennis Miller

I was pleasantly surprised to find a interview with Tommy Tiernan on the Dennis Miller radio show this morning. It’s awesome to see Tommy bring some of the more modern Irish humour to the world. I got his DVD, Jokerman, Christmas 2006, it was very interesting seeing him try and break America. It mirrored a little bit, I have to day, of my experience in America. Sometime people can’t under stand a word you say, but think you’re hilarious because you sound funny. The MP3 can be found at this:

Dennis Miller, I find, is excellent when he interviews comedians. Both here and on his former HBO TV show, Dennis Miller Live, he wasn’t afraid to let the other comedian take over and let them be the funny ones. Most interviewing comedians have a tendency to take over and try and be the funnier one, Miller sets them up and lets them run. Check out the podcast when he has Dana Carvey on, nothing short of brilliant!

Jeremy Irons – Anagram

For any Simpsons fans who wondered what the answer was. It seems to come up in conversation from time to time. Genuine Class!

Jeremy Irons

Jersey Minor
Joinery Rems
Jeer Rim Nosy
Jeer Rims Yon
Jeer Miry Nos
Jeer Miry Son
Jeer Rosin My
Jeer Irons My
Jeers Rim Yon
Jeers Miry No
Jeers Miry On
Jeers Iron My
Jersey I Morn
Jersey I Norm
Jersey Mi Nor
Jersey Rim No
Jersey Rim On
Sneer Rim Joy
Serer Join My
Joiner Res My
Rejoin Res My
Joiners Re My
Rejoins Re My
Mien Err Joys
Mien Errs Joy
Mine Err Joys
Mine Errs Joy
Miner Re Joys
Miner Res Joy
Miners Re Joy
Miens Err Joy
Mines Err Joy
Rein Rem Joys
Rein Rems Joy
Reins Rem Joy
Resin Rem Joy
Risen Rem Joy
Siren Rem Joy
Rinse Rem Joy
Riser Men Joy
Enjoys Re Rim
Enjoys Err Mi
Enjoy Rem Sir
Enjoy Re Rims
Enjoy Err Mis
Enjoy Err Ism
Enjoy Errs Mi
Enjoy Res Rim
Rem Ryes Join
Rem Rye Joins
Rems Rye Join
Jeer Sin My Or
Jeer Ins My Or
Jeer Sir My No
Jeer Sir My On
Jeer Is My Nor
Jeers I My Nor
Jeers In My Or
Em Err In Joys
Em Err Sin Joy
Em Err Ins Joy
Em Errs In Joy
Me Err In Joys
Me Err Sin Joy
Me Err Ins Joy
Me Errs In Joy
Men Re Sir Joy
Men Err I Joys
Men Err Is Joy
Men Errs I Joy
Rem En Sir Joy
Rem Re In Joys
Rem Re Sin Joy
Rem Re Ins Joy
Rem Res In Joy
Rems Re In Joy
Ems Err In Joy
En Re Rim Joys
En Re Rims Joy
En Err Mi Joys
En Err Mis Joy
En Err Ism Joy
En Errs Mi Joy
En Res Rim Joy
Ens Re Rim Joy
Ens Err Mi Joy
Re Res Join My

Interesting Life?

I have been going through the xkcd site, I have been surprised by some of them, particularly cutting for code monkeys. I think I should have saved this for a Friday, however this can also be as effective for a Monday morning.

I own a TV

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Mesmerize, originally uploaded by *Berto.

I love TV. Love it, love it, love it! Anyone who knows me thinks I watch way too much and maybe they are right. If I may quote Homer Simpson, “Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover”, I feel that sums it up nicely (particularly the teacher part). However I seem to find myself running into people in my daily life who don’t watch TV and don’t own a TV. Unsurprisingly they can be extremely boring but they also keep working the fact into conversation. I bring it up because my life is perilously close to a Onion article from all the way back in 2000:

Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn’t Own A Television

Which reports on Area resident Jonathan Green who does not own a television, a fact he repeatedly points out to friends, family, and coworkers. While the article is meant to be satire, I find myself living the reality.

Some TV may be dross, I work a regular 9-5 job so I miss the insipid daytime programming of morning shows and soap operas. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the reality TV boom that crowds out the afternoon programming either. However some of the dramas coming out of the US is amazing and giving the movies a run for their money, Lost and Battlestar Galatica are awesome and every second year of 24. Also you can’t go wrong with some top class documentaries, particularly local history. As an expat it takes along time to catch up with what the locals know and those docos (as they say in Oz) are a life saver.

I have to admit though growing up I used to feel so left out when shows that aired in America took years to be shown in Ireland or the UK. It was only when I lived there for a few years and saw the amount of crap that would start a season and get canceled early I realised that the multi year delay was a necessary and welcome filter to remove all the crap and at least guarantee some quality. Lets hope the WGA strike in the US is over and those dudes can get back to producing some decent shows.

Dustin the turkey refuses to pull Out of Eurosong contest

While living overseas usually a day doesn’t go by when you aren’t asked something about where you are from. Most of the time the questions are easy, for example why is Ireland so green? Easy, it rains all the time. Other times the questions can be hard like why did Ireland rejected the Treaty of Nice the first time around, eh… Slavery?

However this one is going to be real hard. What! Has Ireland entered a puppet turkey into the Eurovision Song contest? Eh … I believe to understand this, one must first consider the socio-political situation that led to World War I…

Well not yet, but Ireland’s own, Dustin the Turkey, has gotten down to the final six and on February 23rd it will go to the nation to pick who they feel should represent Ireland in Serbia. The other final five competitors are up in arms, because there is a very real chance that they could lose.

Three of the country’s top music men, songwriter Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Eurovision veteran Shay Healy, all criticised the decision by an RTE committee to select the popular bird as one of the six finalists for Ireland’s entry.

However it may not be the end of the world. Dustin has been an ambassador for Ireland before, in my travels I have seen him on American TV (I believe he was running for president) and more recently on aussie TV. I still remember the first time Dustin appeared on the Den, who would have thought he was last this long?

GNU emacs!?!

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real_prog2, originally uploaded by Douglas Kastle.

I don’t use emacs, nano, vi, ed or cat, but I have still found my self stuck in a conversation like this.