I love living in Bondi – now with even more bikinis!

Sydney Bondi
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I live pretty close to Bondi Beach. Any morning that I cycle into work I usually take a leisurely cycle down the promenade. A week doesn’t go by when there is some thing mad going on. Yesterday morning I was treated to the Guinness record attempt at the largest bikini shoot.

It is still a bit early in the year for the beach but it was quite a sight seeing hundreds of girls running around in their bikinis. Credit goes to who ever arranged this, I know how long it takes to get one girl ready, can you imagine how hard it is to co-ordinate and get 1100 of them ready? There was an extra level of High Maintenance in the air on Bondi Beach and fake tan. However it certainly beats getting up on an September morning in Dublin and putting on your wets to cycle to work.

Check out the aquabumps web site for a few more up close and personal pictures.

Raw Athleticism – Packaged as Hee Haw

I have been to Cirque du Soelil twice and both times was very impressed with what I say. The most recent one, Varekai, made good use of a contortionists, who was very flexible.

I came across this YouTube video today of three girls that start singing about potato salad and then move into an amazing contortionist routine. By way of Boing Boing by way of For your Entertainment.

While it would be easy and snarky to come up with some crude innuendo about how flexible the girls are blah blah blah. That I think belittles the extreme level of athleticism these girls must have been at and the time it had taken to get that good. I just have to say that I have never seen something as amazing as this, Cirque du Soleil included. Once you get past the singing, about a minute in, the fun begins.

Update : Apparently this is the girls are known as the Ross Sisters and this was in the 1944 movie Broadway Rhythm.