Point Break Sequel – Is that funny Whoa! or Uh-oh Whoa!

Every now and again I badger people about movies I would like to see. One movie I feel is overdue is a sequel to Point Break. It was a seminal movie of its day and even if the dialogue was a bit corny (“If you want the ultimate you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price.”) Who can forget the parachute jump at the end, even though done once before in James Bond – Moonraker, it works better as a climax scene.

It turns out in May of this year I missed the announcement that there is going to be a Point Break sequel. It turns out that Bodhi survived that massive wave and will be found hanging out some where in South East Asia catching some “Radical” waves. Patrick Swayze is attached and it is unlikely that Keaunu Reeves will returns, blah, blah, blah.

ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!! That’s terrible, that’s Highlander 2 bad. That is not the movie you want to make Peter Iliff! This sequel can be Aliens good if you have some imagination. Screw Bodhi, he has contributed enough to the story, let that little white dot of foam on the face of a monster wave be his final call (sorry Patrick I know you don’t want to be be remembered for playing pedophile). The sequel of interest is with Johnny Utah. It’s 20 years later and the clean cut , “Freeze FBI!”, young dumb and full of cum G-Man wannabe is long gone, along with the badge on Bells Beach. He has traveled the path and we find him as the new Bodhi mentor character. Utah has reached a state of zen oneness after traveling the world and realised dancing for the man ain’t where it’s at. This is the perfect jumping off point and Keanu Reeves, if he is still in Matrix shape, could probably pull it off.

In my opinion once you have this setup the rest of the movie writes itself. Is Utah holding up banks? sure why not. Who the FBI green horn this time? Pappas son who Utah helped raise after his dad bought it in the first movie is torn once he finds out who he has to bring down.

Bohdi: Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.

For this and more classic Point break quotes check out this link.

Rare Bill Watterson Art

I first came across Bill Watterson’s creation Calvin & Hobbes in my teens and wasn’t too far from the age of the creative ego centric character that I could identify. In fairness Bill seemed to know how to tap into the simple logic of a child that it would be hard not to identify with him. Like Seinfeld and the Police before him, Bill Watterson walked away at the top of the game in 1995.(The Police have recently gotten back together)

It is a shame that there has been no further work from Bill Watterson available since then. I was surprised to find a website last week that detailed some of his work from before his Calvin and Hobbes days. Included are a number of single panel cartoons he did for the college paper. A number of them are a bit dark and don’t come from the same place as Calvin. There was however one standout that reminded me what it was like again when I was younger. Sunny days were few and far between when I was in college, so much so that when one did come along I was damned if I wasn’t going to take advantage of it!

More Steve Jobs distortion?

iPhone party
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The blogosphere at the moment is aghast at Apple’s announcement that it will only sell two iPhones per customer at Apple retail stores and purchases are limited to credit or debit cards. The assumed (and trumpeted) reason is to block the resellers and preserve, as much as possible, the $831 Apple is supposed to receive on each AT&T iPhone. Most of this money is apparently lost when and iPhone is unlocked and sold on by a reseller. It doesn’t ring through that Apple would turn down a sale. It is not like the iPhone is like the Xbox, where an expensive device is sold at a loss and the final revenue comes from games that are sold. Apple make profit on every iPhone that is sold. iSippli estimates the 8GB cost US$280.83 of total expense to produce and it currently retails for US$399. (The 4GB model is no longer available)

However, as my skeptic mind is prone, what if the reason given by Apple, while has an element of truth, isn’t the whole reason. My guess is Apple need to limit the sales and try and preserve as much of the AT&T sales as possible because they don’t have enough iPhones to last through the Holiday period to supply both the legit (arguable) AT&T sales and the resellers.

We’ll see.