The Shat

I recently started doing a bit on stage about William Shatner and how I don’t think he acts, but people create this world around him, like the Truman show, and just film his response.  I must have tapped into the zeitgeist as there is a big write up on “The Shat” in the New York Times and on page 3:

“Denny was a wun-der-ful role. There’s a little bit of every actor in a role. The sadness of the character was very close to my consciousness. It’s hard to play an old fool, non sequiturs, which is all Denny was. Then I realized he thought his life was a TV show. That helped me.” It helped because Shatner’s life seems at times to be a TV show lived in public, a benign “Truman Show.”

Is there nothing “The Shat” can’t do!