Dustin the turkey refuses to pull Out of Eurosong contest

While living overseas usually a day doesn’t go by when you aren’t asked something about where you are from. Most of the time the questions are easy, for example why is Ireland so green? Easy, it rains all the time. Other times the questions can be hard like why did Ireland rejected the Treaty of Nice the first time around, eh… Slavery?

However this one is going to be real hard. What! Has Ireland entered a puppet turkey into the Eurovision Song contest? Eh … I believe to understand this, one must first consider the socio-political situation that led to World War I…

Well not yet, but Ireland’s own, Dustin the Turkey, has gotten down to the final six and on February 23rd it will go to the nation to pick who they feel should represent Ireland in Serbia. The other final five competitors are up in arms, because there is a very real chance that they could lose.

Three of the country’s top music men, songwriter Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Eurovision veteran Shay Healy, all criticised the decision by an RTE committee to select the popular bird as one of the six finalists for Ireland’s entry.

However it may not be the end of the world. Dustin has been an ambassador for Ireland before, in my travels I have seen him on American TV (I believe he was running for president) and more recently on aussie TV. I still remember the first time Dustin appeared on the Den, who would have thought he was last this long?