Wrecked AT-ATs and Constellations

I came across this wrecked AT-AT model today over on the Official Star Wars blog. It is the winner of the Starship modeller wrecks competition where the goal was :

the entry reflects any synonym of the word ‘wreck’ in any language (for example, derelict, broken, abandonned, war-weary, busted, beat up, junker, hangar queen, crashed, pranged, in disrepair, poorly maintained and held-together-with- baling-wire-and-prayers all meet the eligibility requirements)

The last airfix model I ever made was also the AT-AT, I’ve always liked it, it is one that benefits from going all out and trying to achieve weathered look (I know Airfix is a company name, but in Ireland at least Airfix was used for any model set, a bit like hoover or xerox). However the above winner is so much cooler, I especially like the ruins at it’s feet. Unfortunetly my original model still lives on a shelf in Ireland. It has been replaced in Oz with the Lego Star Wars version. Which, while not the same, is a different type of cool.

There are other entries in the starship wrecks worth checking out. Another favourite of mine is the wrecked U.S.S. Constellation (from the Star Trek episode, The Doomsday Machine), another airfix ship I had a go at with my mom wondering what the strange burning smells were all about. I always like to see if I could achieve the effect of burned out and destroyed corridors inside the faked superstructure elements.