Australian Solar Power

I’ve lived in Australia for 5 years now, original from an island off to the edge of Europe. My plain complexion doesn’t react well with the native sun, which is a problem as it is sunny nearly all the time. Which is why it breaks my heart when I read an aticle like this :

How solar ran out of puff

Australia of all places should be at the vanguard with the deployment of solar power, both thermal and electrical. It should happen some day when it is demanded. I spent a bit of time at Lucent. What was interesting back then, in 1999, everyone was looking for bigger internet pipes. As we all know now fiber became big as a result, less known is that a lot of the transmission research was done on fiber way back in the 80s. At the time they didn’t have a worthy application as a result the work was put on a shelf to be found 15 years later and eventually used. Maybe only a chronic energy crisis will be significant enough to kick start cost effective solar panel production (not research)

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