More Jim Corr on TodayFM

Last week I posted the audio of Jim Corr’s first Last Word interview with Matt Cooper where he opposed “The Lisbon Treaty” as it was a stepping stone to a new world order.  As I don’t live in Ireland any more I hadn’t heard that he was back on the Last Word two more time. Unfortunately the audio can no longer be found on the TodayFM website, but due the the magic of the interweb I was able to track them down and reshare them for the world.

First he goes into how he feels that the financial crisis was manufactured by the wealthy to make them even more money using Hegelian dialectic. Every one is involved, Elite bankers, IMF, Washington Consensus etc, etc. This aired 23 April 2009.

The Second audio has Jim back in the studio just before the second vote for the Lisbon Treaty. Jim is staunchly No. It retreads much the same ground as his first interview, but time has not taken the edge off old Jim, still a good listen. I believe it aired 11 Sept 2009.

Jim Corr’s Last Word interview

This is a bit old now, but back May 29 2008 Jim Corr of The Corrs went on the Irish radio show “The Last Word” presented by Matt Cooper. He was brought in because he was against the Lisbon Treaty (Ireland’s first attempt at the vote). When asked why Jim goes into a long discussion about how he feels the treaty is a stepping stone to a new world order. Every one from the Illuminati to September 11th conspiracy theory’s get a look in. It is definitely worth a listen, my favorite line is that he has got a lot of time on his hands now:

I’m a big fan of Gift Grub which is a comedy segment on the Ian Dempsey radio show.  It usually takes some thing weird going on in Ireland and poking a few funny holes in it.  I particularly  like how fast they can turn around content.  This was put out within a day or so.

I actually heard the Gift Grub skit first and was amazed to find out that the original interview was even more bizarre than the Skit.  Sadly the original Gift Grub mp3s are no longer available on the podcasts. So I have uploaded this and another one, where Jim releases a new album, so allow them to live on.  Please check out the website for the new content, it’s brilliant!

As an addendum, in Ireland when you vote for something and the people say No, we keep voting until we get it right, the Lisbon Treaty, like the Nice Treaty, was passed on a second vote.