Bumblechii & Predator Girl, one and the same

It turns out that the dad of Voltron girl, Belldandy, has done other suits for his daughter as well. I was surprised (or maybe I shouldn’t have given the quality of the Voltron suit) that there was also a bumblebee suit, which they call bumblechii and even a mini predator. I not too sure what to make of that one, not the type of entertainment for a small girl – “Get to da Choppa!” Check out the gallery over at The GRIM AdventuREZ of Belldandy.

Space Drink

I haven’t done much CG work for a while, I do keep my eye of some of the work over at CGSociety, this one popped up as a popular image, I think it is pretty cool, check it out at here.

Voltron Girl

Why couldn’t fancy dress be as cool as this when I was a kid. All I got was the crappy storm trooper masks. Found this over on buzzfeed as 2C2BG, too cute to be geeky.


It turns out this was done by grimm_hammer for his daughter back in 2008.

It also comes with helmet.

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