Jerry Seinfeld on Enough Rope

My Own Jerry Seinfeld, originally uploaded by Lewis Reece.

I was surprised to find that the audio to Andrew Denton’s interview with Jerry Seinfeld, conducted when Jerry was promoting Bee Movie, is available online.

You can listen to the audio here:

Here is the transcript for the interview

And here is an interested nugget from Jerry:

ANDREW DENTON: Cos Jerry you’ve said that you’re obsessed with the art of telling a joke.


ANDREW DENTON: What does it take to get it right?

JERRY SEINFELD: Sometimes you find yourself in the right moment with the audience and the audience, see the thing, the audience never knows, is, that they are making the performance. You can’t make an entire audience laugh if they don’t want to so they kind of will, if they’re in the right place or you can kind of manoeuvre them into the right place. They can make you give them a performance that’s better even than you thought you could give.

ANDREW DENTON: What’s not funny for you, what do you think, what do you consider bad taste?



JERRY SEINFELD: Um I, I don’t have any particular tastes, you know there’s only, I don’t find anything offensive as an audience member myself. To me I only care about what’s funny and what’s not funny. I have my own style that I like to work in, which is clean. I like, I don’t like to use any sexual situations or dirty words. It’s just, it just keeps me writing better jokes. You have to write a better joke to do well if you don’t use any of those things, so it’s just a thing that I, that I do for myself.