Where is my Hoverboard?

I have been saying this for years.  I can’t believe we are now so close to 2015 (2010 at the moment) and there is no sign of a hoverboard any where. Futurologists back 30/50/100 years ago were promising all kinda of thing, flying cars, cities on the moon.  None of that mattered a damn to me, all I wanted was a hover board.  Here I am in my mid 30s and still no feckin sign of one. If the thing ever does get invented I’ll be too old to enjoy one.

I was so incensed I was going to set up a facebook group to petition governments to invest in inventing this technology, wasn’t I surprised to find out that there was a group already, Its 2010, where the hell is my hoverboard!? , and it already has a membership of 120,000. I think this figure speaks for itself and there is obviously a groundswell of people who want this technology and they want it now. Join now! Yes we can!

UPDATE: OK it’s 2015 and I still don’t have a hoverboard, but I do have a shop selling T-Shirts and Mugs with the above image over on cafepress, I set the shop up years ago, but there seems to be some buzz as a result of like this year so check it out, Mavek Enterprises.